September 13, 2008

Long Bean

A friend just recommended that I try growing long beans.

This is what I've been able to figure out about them:

Vines are rampant growers (growing to 3' tall) and produce an enormous crop of long, slender, round pods the thickness of a pencil requiring full-sun and well-draining soil. Delicious young green beans are tender when picked at 12-15 inches long, and of fine flavor and quality as snap beans. Long Beans mature in 70 days.

Maybe next summer...

Harvest: 10 yellow pear tomatoes, 3 red grape tomatoes, 2 bambino hybrid eggplant, 2 scarlet globe radishes, 6 heads of baby prize choy bok choy, 1 cucumber, 1 superstar muskmelon (cantelope), and 1oz mibuna asian mustard greens.

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