September 15, 2008

Chinese Broccoli

I finally figured out the english name of Chinese broccoli (芥蘭, pinyin: jiè lán) -- it's Chinese kale or flowering kale!

I think I'll buy some seeds of the Great Lance variety from Johnny's Selected Seeds:
Glossy leaves and crisp, thick stems.
This uniform, budding-type Chinese kale (also called gai lohn and pak kah nah) is great in stir-fries or cooked like broccoli. Harvest the stalks when 8" tall and 2-3 flower buds are open. After the main stem is cut, the plant will send up many branches for subsequent harvests. More vigorous and adaptable than nonhybrid varieties. Avg. 4,750 seeds/oz. Mini: 220 seeds.

Days to Maturity or Bloom: 45

Harvest: 2 red grape tomatoes, 7 yellow pear tomatoes.

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